April 12, 2020

A Word From Greg Bow - Perspective

Greg Bow

I am stuck working from home…oh wait I always work from home! My life has changed in one way. My wife is an extreme extrovert and this is killing her. Well figuratively.

For me this is a “c’est la vie” time when I try to put it all in perspective. Just think of those living through WW2 or Vietnam; those who experience a school shooting; or maybe reflect on Paul or Martin Luther King’s unjust imprisonment. While our inconveniences are likely to be relatively short-lived others are much more permanent.

Maybe that is what I would share with the students. Read about the sacrifices Paul endured in prison and the powerful message he spread when in such an uncomfortable circumstance. In fact one could say Paul wasn’t really imprisoned while he was jailed but rather freed to do great things.


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