April 12, 2020

Consider It Pure Joy

Hannah Taylor


My name is Hannah Taylor and I’m thrilled to have the privilege of sharing encouraging and relevant content throughout this unprecedented and confusing time in our lives. I want to begin by introducing myself, although many of you have seen me around KidsCreek. I have been a Cibolo Creek kiddo since I was about two years old and have been serving as a preschool volunteer and classroom leader over the past eight years.

I am now a through and through Texas A&M Aggie Animal Science Major hoping to add on a chemistry minor. I aspire to attend veterinary school to pursue medical practice or veterinary research. As you can see, I love just about any animal, and am particularly fond of alpacas.

 I am so excited to share this time with all of you and to hopefully add some joy and reflection in making sense of the times we are living in. I hope you are all staying safe, healthy and happy!

March 27

Today’s entry is going to be based on this verse in the context of what we are all going through right now- a change of routine, uncertainty, boredom, and feelings of isolation. Many of you are having to learn in a different way, spend time away from activities and people that you care about and adjust to a new “normal”.

What is captivating about this verse is that “pure joy” exists in the same sentence as “face trials”. How could it be possible to produce joy from hardship? This traces back to God working all for good for those who believe in Him; however, this requires some participation on our part, too. We must be willing to trust Him, and to listen to Him.

Think about this time of quarantine as a time of metamorphosis. Caterpillars don’t understand why they must build a chrysalis and stay inside this cocoon for days to weeks, they just have a God-given instinct. During this time, a caterpillar will grow, change and transform into a much more beautiful, complex and capable butterfly. Think of yourself as a caterpillar during this quarantine, staying inside for days to weeks. Just like a caterpillar has the God-given instinct to build a cocoon to grow, allow God to shape you in the same way. Reflect, find a new talent or hobby, virtually connect with others, read His Word: grow, change and transform.

All of this waiting and growth results in perseverance, an ability to wait out the tough times with the hopes of better days. God is using this time away, this time in our cocoons, as a puzzle piece in His plans for our lives. Maybe you’ll discover a new talent leading to your future career during this time, maybe you’ll grow or repair a relationship with a friend or family member, maybe you’ll read God’s Word and find Him for the first time in a long time. Be willing to listen, make the best of this trial, trust that God has put us in a cocoon for a reason. At the end of this, be proud of the butterfly you will have become, because you allowed God to transform you.  


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