April 12, 2020

"I Choose Joy"

Hannah Taylor

Howdy! I hope you are all doing well and adjusting to and finding meaning in this time of uncertainty. Before reading this post, I encourage you to watch the music video linked above to “Joy” by For King and Country in order to get the context of the post. 

The video starts off with a news cast about a raging storm, with two conflicting reporters: one claiming destruction and one claiming hope. While this video was released a year ago, it beams incredible relevance amidst the COVID-19 crisis.  

The two reporters, one of despair and one of hope, represent all of our minds, families and the world today. One part of our minds says, “this is so unfair, why did God allow this to happen?”, and the other part says, “God knows what He’s doing, I just need to hang on and let Him work”. I know it’s easier said than done, but the sooner we learn to choose the hopeful outlook and to find joy in all of this, the more we allow ourselves to be used as God’s light to the rest of the world. For King and Country exclaims throughout the song, “The time has come to make a choice, and I choose joy!”. Let’s dive a little into what this means.

Throughout the Bible, God’s people were presented with challenges: persecution, wandering in the desert, loss of children and family, and enslavement under dictators. However, through it all, God gave them the strength to persevere and to come out triumphant, and He does the same for us. Wake up everyday ready to listen to Him and to do his work, and while He doesn’t promise a trial free life, He does promise to work all for good for those who follow Him. 

Now, I hear you. Even as I write this post, I fully admit I have struggled to find joy, to make the deliberate decision to move forward and to find meaning. When I had to move home from college because of this crisis, I was angry and scared of what was to come with a changing world, as I’m sure many of you are now.   All of us feel robbed: of time with friends, of graduations, of college orientations, of sports games, of independence. Our schedules and our dreams have all been set on hold for the time being. All of these losses are certainly qualified to be grieved over, it’s an important precursor to making the leap to moving on. 

At the end of the music video, the previously pessimistic reporter changes her beat with, “While our circumstances haven’t changed, I guess our perspective can”. It’s amazing how applicable this video is to our lives. The truth is, other than listening to our nation’s leaders and medical experts on how to keep ourselves and others healthy, we can’t change this circumstance. We need to accept the circumstance, and change our perspective. Focus on what God could possibly be working in our world right now: teaching us to provide for others, to get along with those we live with, to reflect in his quiet peace. 

We’re all in this together. While many of us feel alone right now, remember that we all understand you, feel your uncertainty, and ultimately, we can help each other to CHOOSE JOY.


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